Methods Your Vagina Can Transform After Intercourse

Methods Your Vagina Can Transform After Intercourse

Methods Your Vagina Can Transform After Intercourse

What’s normal—and what exactly is cause of calling your gyno.

Every every now and then, you may realize that things seem only a little different below the gear once you’ve intercourse. An itchy vagina after intercourse? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Whenever one thing seems down or painful, it is normal to wonder if all things are ok, or if it the alteration warrants medical attention. (all of us want our vaginas and vulvas to remain healthy, right?) A trip to the doctor, we asked ob-gyns to weigh in on the some of the more common vaginal changes women experience after sex—specifically, what to look out for and why most of these changes are really nothing to worry about to find out what’s worth. Some tips about what they told us you may notice.

You have actually an itchy vagina after intercourse.

Post-coital itchiness could possibly be as a result of a few things, states Maureen Whelihan, M.D., an ob-gyn at the guts for Sexual wellness and Education in western Palm Beach, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina. It might be discomfort from friction whilst you were consistently getting busy, a sensitiveness or sensitivity towards the lube you utilized, or a problem with latex condoms.

The one that is first no big deal and can slowly diminish. However if it makes a difference if you find that this is happening often, try switching out your lube to a hypoallergenic variety or use nonlatex condoms, and see. If you don’t, speak to your ob-gyn.

You have got a inflamed vagina after intercourse.

A swelling that is little actually common after sex—it’s actually an indication of arousal that can linger even with sex has ended. Czytaj więcej about Methods Your Vagina Can Transform After Intercourse