At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Turkey

At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Turkey

At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Turkey

In Turkey, the possession, purchase, and employ of cannabis for recreational purposes is prohibited.

Nevertheless, it really is allowed – with certain limitations – for medical and clinical purposes. More look these up over, the cultivation of cannabis plant for medical and clinical purposes is allowed in 19 provinces that are turkish. It really is additionally permitted various other provinces, however with unique authorization.


Turkey has penalties that are harsh those arrested for the purchase, control, cultivation, usage, and trafficking of cannabis.

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Possession and buy of cannabis is punishable by 1 to 2 years in jail, or the option of therapy plus as much as 36 months’ probation. Users whom refuse therapy or those that neglect to fulfill probation demands will need to face a court sentence.

Meanwhile, the sale and circulation of unlawful medications, including marijuana, is punishable by four to a decade in jail. Those caught exporting the substance face six to 12 years in jail and a per-gram fine. Importing and creating cannabis, having said that, means 10 to 12 years’ imprisonment.

Cannabis history and culture

The united states possesses long reputation for marijuana usage, dating back to tens of thousands of years. Czytaj więcej about At a Glimpse: Cannabis in Turkey