All you need to realize about post-sex anxiety

All you need to realize about post-sex anxiety

All you need to realize about post-sex anxiety

Crying after intercourse isn’t uncommon in my situation. Neither is a unexpected sense of overwhelming panic and dread.

I’ve anxiety, despair, and obsessive ideas, so instantly stressing that everybody I adore is dead is quite standard – but I’d realized that these ideas were showing up with greater regularity soon after sex.

I want to be clear. I’m referring to good intercourse. Great intercourse, really. Absolutely Nothing distressing or traumatic in any way.

I’d heard about post-sex blues, but anxiety that is never post-sex. I desired to learn so I chatted to a psychologist to find out if I was alone in this phenomenon, whether there’s actually a link, or if my post-sex anxiety is actually hiding deep-rooted trauma related to sex.

Yes, post-sex anxiety is really a thing

Therefore, post-sex anxiety boils down to two choices – either it’s down seriously to genuine sexual-related anxieties, or it is a hormone a reaction to making love. In either case, it is totally you’re and real perhaps maybe not imagining the bond.

‘Experiencing some anxiety pertaining to intercourse is extremely typical, ’ Dr Michael Yates, medical psychologist in the Havelock Clinic, informs

‘Although there is certainly proof that experiencing anxiety around intercourse is much more typical in the ones that have observed anxiety and despair more generally speaking within their life, it is essential to remember that anxious emotions in intercourse sometimes happens to anybody. Czytaj więcej about All you need to realize about post-sex anxiety