Listing of All Loans

Listing of All Loans

Listing of All Loans

Alaska Housing provides many different home loans. An approved lender to find out if you qualify for an Alaska Housing loan, contact.

To find out more, go to Getting Started, a homebuyer’s list.

Single-family domiciles

Loans for sale, refinance and renovation of single-family domiciles through fourplex properties for the owner and non-owner occupant, including 2nd mortgages.

First-time homebuyer loans

my house

My Residence is available statewide for candidates or properties perhaps perhaps not fulfilling the specific requirements of other Alaska Housing loans.

Very First Home

This first-time homebuyer loan provides a diminished rate of interest to eligible borrowers without having the earnings limitations, acquisition expense limits or recapture conditions regarding the First Residence Limited loan.

First Home limited

First Home Limited offers lower interest rates to qualified first-time homebuyers. First-time homebuyers are borrowers that have maybe not owned a main residence in the final 36 months. Czytaj więcej about Listing of All Loans