Salaries and expenses of staying in Ukraine

Salaries and expenses of staying in Ukraine

Because of quick modifications in trade rates, the buck value of Ukrainian salaries and expenses of residing changed significantly in 2013-2015.

Is it possible to live on $50/month in your nation? In Ukraine, you are able to.

(browse the report in the real test below. )

Alterations in Ukrainian Salaries (in USD)

The buck worth of the average salary that is ukrainian about two times since mid-2013, as a result of change price changes: 49-62% with respect to the area.

The hryvnia worth of wages slightly increased during the time that is same.

The map below demonstrates the way the normal income changed because of the area since June 2013.

  • The normal earnings per individual during this time period reduced in Ukraine from US $429 to $200, reported
  • Salaries in Kiev are nevertheless the best within the nation: 6900 hryvnia/month ($314) in 2015 in comparison with 5238 hryvnia/month ($655) in 2013.
  • Termopil and Chernivtsy have actually the best salaries, almost 1/3 less than an average of country-wide.

Values of salaries in Ukraine in 2015 (USD), by region — click to expand. (Graphics:

Expenses of Located In Ukraine

Costs for products and solutions increased due to the fact worth of hryvnia, the Ukrainian that is local currency dropped.

Expenses of surviving in Ukraine increased since 2013.

17 September 2015 Ukrainian Rada authorized a raise within the formal minimum regarding the expenses of residing from 1176 to 1330 hryvnia/month, and also the minimal income from 1218 to 1378 hryvnia/month. The modifications will likely be implemented from 1 2015 december.

Properly, the minimal hourly wages changed from 7.29 to 8.25 hryvnia ($0.33 to $0.38 each hour).

Formal minimal expenses of residing for various kinds of people (per month):

  • Kiddies 0-5 yrs. Old: 1167 hryvnia ($53)
  • Children 6-17: 1455 hryvnia ($67)
  • Adults 18+: 1374 hryvnia ($63)
  • Disabled: 1074 hryvnia ($49)

Just Just What Experts Think

Nevertheless, specialists state that the true costs of residing in Ukraine are more than perhaps the newly modified formal figures.

Andrey Vigiringsky, the deputy manager for the company “Public Audit”, claimed that their calculations had been made based on the factual expenses of living and inlfation, so that you can match the criteria of in 2013, reported, reported

  • According to “Public Audit”, the minimal wage should be 2487 hryvnia/month, and retirement benefits 1938 hryvnia/month.
  • Economist Andrey Martynyuk agrees that the salary that is minimum be at the least 2,500 hryvnia/month.
  • Kiev’s lawyer Stanislav Batrin thinks that the expenses of residing must certanly be raised to 7,000 hryvnia/month within 36 months.
  • In accordance with UBS rating released in September 2015, Kiev may be the cheapest money in the field to call home in. The report posted by the lender states that a family group requires $1237/month to obtain by when you look at the Ukrainian money, utilizing the further $540 necessary to spend the lease. (Those numbers are significantly more than just just what locals really survive. ) Kiev can be at the end of wage maps by UBS.
  • Neighborhood realtors state that the price that is average leasing a studio apartment in Kiev is about $230/month. Bigger flats will definitely cost more. Local costs for apartment lease are somewhat reduced.

Video Report: the way I Lived in the minimal Salary for thirty days

Dmitry Chistyakov, a reporter associated with Ukrainian TV show “Utro” (“Morning”) lived for 30 days from the salary that is minimum which will be presently 1218 hryvnia (around United States $50).

Dmitry Chistyakov lived for thirty days regarding the minimal salary that is ukrainian of hryvnia (US$50). By the end regarding the thirty days, he previously 23.81 hryvnia left (around $1)

He was able to endure about this amount, and also had 23 hryvnia left at the final end, which took place as a result of unanticipated cost cost savings on bills. He previously no meals left in the home.

Nonetheless, his summary had been, “You cannot live similar to this, it is possible to scarcely survive”.

1 / 2 of their “salary” allowance the journalist allotted to investing in electricity and communal solutions for their apartment, that he has, and buying a travel that is monthly for general public transportation. Chistyakov bought the pass for 200 hryvnia ($9.17), and left 400 ($18.35) for bills by the end regarding the thirty days.

An urgent medical condition, a strained ankle, forced him to spend 100 hryvnia ($4.59), which he had to invest in purchasing the cheapest bandage in a pharmacy. The day at the physician had been included in the insurance that is medical.

Chistyakov lived mostly on vegetable soups, breads, and porridges, obligated to choose the cheapest (damaged) veggies into the areas, so that you can easily fit into their month-to-month spending plan.

300 hryvnia ($14) had been allocated to meals in four weeks. He prepared their dishes himself.

The reporter destroyed 10 kg (22 pounds) through the month.

“I am delighted that the test is finished, ” the writer that is brave at the conclusion. “I don’t feel perfectly. ”

“What am we planning to feed you? Let’s earn some porridge. ”

Their dog ended up being another cost which he noticed ended up being unaffordable for an individual on a salary that is minimal. For just two days their buddies had been taking care of your dog, however the weeks that are last had to feed the dog by himself. This forced him to save lots of a lot more on their very own dishes.

The exact same with dating: The solitary man could only manage to just just take their date for a stroll or view a totally free film in a park.

“It’s okay now, but exactly what would you do whenever it becomes colder and begins raining? ” he asked.

Purchasing drinks and even a coffee in a cafe will be unaffordable, he concluded.

Dmitry was able to buy 2 tops (10 hryvnia each) at a hand shop that is second. “To buy warmer clothing, one could need to save yourself for months, ” he claimed.

He does not point out the expenses of online and cellular phone, that are minimal in Ukraine.

The correspondent had 23 hryvnia left by the end of the month. It just happened because Dmitry planned to pay 400 hryvnia on electricity and water bills, also it just are priced at him 376 hryvnia.

Details about expenses of surviving in Ukraine:

  • Every 4th Ukrainian lives with this month-to-month quantity (1218 hryvnia/month).
  • The pension that is minimum Ukraine is 949 hryvnia.
  • The particular normal wage in Kiev is $314 (6900 hryvnia) each month, which can be 6 times a lot more than the amount the correspondent ended up being forced to go on.
  • Costs for meals and solutions in areas are less than when you look at the money.

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