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Dating game

This can be an activity that is great getting pupils talking. I’ve utilized it effectively with numerous levels that are different age brackets and also have discovered that it is extremely able to motivating teens to talk.

It’s especially ideal for practising explaining appearance, character and interests.


You shall need an array of flashcards of men and women, a combination of ages and kinds.


  • Put a photo of an individual in the board and get the pupils to inform you his/her title, age and task. Write whatever they let you know from the board. In the beginning they might be a bit confused and think they will soon get the idea that they should know the person, but.
    • Then inquire further to physically describe him/her. Again, compose just what they inform you on the board. Continue doing this means of his/her character and hobbies. You really need to end up with a paragraph profile of the individual.
    • Browse the description of the individual and elicit through the pupils that he/she is certainly not delighted as they are solitary and wish to satisfy a man/woman.
    • Then stick to the procedure that is same to generate a description of the individual which they wish to meet. During the final end of all of the this you need to have two explanations.
    • Inform the students which you see most of these information in ‚lonely hearts’ pages in mags and magazines. You might also bring some in to demonstrate them.
  • Provide the learning pupils a picture each and tell them not to ever show it to anyone. You may need to stress this, as it’s a temptation showing the images to buddies when you look at the course. The pupils then need to compose a description of the individual into the image therefore the individual they wish to fulfill. Explain that they are able to make use of the model regarding the board as helpful tips. Monitor and feed in language because they require it.
  • Inform the pupils to go out of their pictures face down from the dining table also to mingle. The aim is for them to try and look for a partner when it comes to individual inside their photo. At reduced levels they are able to simply take the description using them because they mingle. They must communicate with everyone and not soleley be satisfied with 1st individual who occurs asking concerns to make sure they get the person that is right. It’s also a good notion to play some romantic music within the back ground since they are mingling (Marvin Gaye or Stevie ponder).
  • Once you’ve provided them the time to locate partners, stop the experience (if they are being very choosy give them a period limitation and let them know they need to compromise and discover a partner). Conduct a feedback session and get the students to share with the course about their character that is invented and partner they have found. The class may then begin to see the images the very first time and determine when they think it is an effective relationship.

Follow-up ideas

  • Students can compose the tale of this relationship or can compose letters to your partners that are new.


  • It is possible to replace the context and change the photos for the social people who have images of houses/flats and get the students to be either auctions or purchasers seeking a spot to call home. Once more they can compose descriptions of places they would like to offer (of varying standards) and places they wish to purchase, mingle and attempt to find their fantasy domiciles.
  • You are able to adjust the idea that is basic fit lots of topics.

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