“I Am prepared to Go” – REBEKAH seemed down throughout the tough landscape as the shadows lengthened.

“I Am prepared to Go” – REBEKAH seemed down throughout the tough landscape as the shadows lengthened.

After months of travel, she had been finally used to your swaying gait associated with camel as she sat perched high atop its straight straight back. Her youth home in Haran ended up being far behind her, a huge selection of kilometers to your northeast. She may never see her family members once more. Questions regarding her future surely flooded her brain?—especially now as she neared her journey’s end.

The caravan had passed away through a lot of Canaan and ended up being traversing harsher landscapes, the Negeb. (Genesis 24:62) Rebekah probably saw sheep. The united states right right right here could be too crazy and arid for substantial agriculture, however it provided pasturage that is ample grazing. It absolutely was ground that is familiar her senior guide. He had been bursting with very good news to share with their master?—Rebekah would be to be Isaac’s spouse! Rebekah should have wondered, though, what type of life she’d lead in this land. Exactly exactly What would her groom, Isaac, end up like? That they had never ever even came across! Would he be happy whenever he saw her? And exactly how would she experience him?

In several components of the planet today, arranged marriages might appear strange. Various other areas, such unions are normal. Whatever your history, you might agree totally that Rebekah had been going into the unknown. She ended up being, in reality, a woman of remarkable courage and faith. We want both characteristics whenever we face alterations in life. There are various other stunning and unusual characteristics linked with Rebekah’s faith.


The change that is great came into Rebekah’s life started in a manner that might have felt fairly ordinary to her. She was raised in or near Haran, town in Mesopotamia. Her moms and dads had been distinct from many people in Haran. They failed to worship the moon-god Sin. Instead, their Jesus had been Jehovah.?—Genesis 24:50.

Rebekah was raised become a really gorgeous young girl, but she had been no passive, vain beauty. She had been spirited, and she stayed morally pure. Her family members ended up being prosperous adequate to possess servants, but Rebekah had not been treated or coddled like a princess; she grew up to focus difficult. Like numerous females of these times, Rebekah had some hefty chores to complete, including fetching water for the household. Early in the night, she’d hoist a vessel onto her neck and head off to your spring.?—Genesis 24:11, 15, 16.

One night, after she had filled her jar, a elderly guy ran up to satisfy her. He believed to her: “Please provide me personally a sip that is little of from your own jar.” It absolutely was this kind of request that is modest so politely made! Rebekah could note that the guy had traveled far. Therefore she quickly swung her water jar from her shoulder and allow man beverage, perhaps perhaps not a simple drink, but an actual beverage associated with fresh, chilled water. She pointed out that a train was had by him of ten camels kneeling nearby and therefore the trough hadn’t yet been filled to water them. She could observe that their friendly eyes had been viewing her attentively, and she wished to be since substantial as she could. So she said: “i am going to additionally draw water for the camels until they’ve been done drinking.”?—Genesis 24:17-19.

Remember that Rebekah offered not simply to offer the ten camels a glass or two but to water them until these were pleased. If really thirsty, one camel may take in over 25 gallons (95 L) of water! If all ten camels had been that thirsty, Rebekah faced hours of time and effort. As issues ended up, this indicates unlikely that the camels had been incredibly thirsty. * But did Rebekah understand that when she made her offer? No. She had been prepared, even eager, to exert effort because hard as you need to to show hospitality for this senior complete stranger. He accepted her offer. He then watched her intently as she went forward and backward, filling and refilling her container and emptying it in to the trough once more and once again.?—Genesis 24:20, 21.

Rebekah had been industrious and hospitable

Rebekah’s example talks eloquently to us today. We are now living in an age when selfishness appears to reign supreme. As foretold, folks have become “lovers of themselves,” unwilling to walk out their means for others. (2 Timothy 3:1-5) Christians whom look for to fight the impact of the trend do well to consider the Bible’s image of that young girl therefore sometime ago, operating backwards and forwards into the fine.

Rebekah certainly noticed the man’s that is elderly upon her. There clearly was absolutely absolutely nothing poor inside the appearance; it proposed amazement, wonderment, and joy. Whenever https://realmailorderbrides.com Rebekah had been done at final, he offered her gift ideas?—precious precious jewelry! He then asked: “Please let me know, whoever daughter have you been? will there be any room at your father’s household for people to expend the evening?” When she told him of her household, his joy intensified. Possibly in a hurry of passion, she added: “We have actually both straw and far fodder and in addition a spot to expend the night”?—a considerable offer, as there have been other people traveling using the man that is old. Then she went down ahead of him to inform her mother just exactly just what had occurred.?—Genesis 24:22-28, 32.

Plainly, Rebekah grew up become hospitable. Let me reveal another value that appears to be regarding the wane today?—and another explanation to imitate the faith of the kindhearted young girl. Faith in Jesus should lead us become hospitable. Jehovah is hospitable, for he’s good to any or all, in which he wishes their worshippers to follow along with suit. As soon as we are hospitable also to those that may never repay us, we please our heavenly Father.?—Matthew 5:44-46; 1 Peter 4:9.


Who had been that old guy at the fine? He had been a servant of Abraham, the brother of Rebekah’s grandfather. Hence, he had been welcome when you look at the home of Bethuel, Rebekah’s dad. This servant’s name was most likely Eliezer. * The hosts offered him a meal, but he declined for eating until he had disclosed the cause of his see. (Genesis 24:31-33) We may imagine him speaking excitedly, on this vital mission for he had just seen powerful evidence that his God, Jehovah, was blessing him. Exactly exactly How so?

Imagine Eliezer telling their tale as Rebekah’s dad, Bethuel, in addition to her bro Laban, listened with rapt attention. They were told by him that Jehovah had endowed Abraham greatly in Canaan and that Abraham and Sarah possessed a son, Isaac, who was simply to inherit every thing. Abraham had with all this servant a payment of good value: he had been to look for a wife for Isaac among Abraham’s family relations in Haran.?—Genesis 24:34-38.

Abraham made Eliezer simply just take an oath which he wouldn’t normally choose a spouse for Isaac from among the list of ladies of Canaan. Why? Considering that the Canaanites neither respected nor worshipped Jehovah God. Abraham knew that Jehovah intended in due time for you to discipline those individuals due to their wicked methods. Abraham failed to wish their beloved son, Isaac, become bound to the individuals and their immoral methods. He also knew that their son possessed a vital part to play in fulfilling God’s promises.?—Genesis 15:16; 17:19; 24:2-4.

Eliezer continued to tell their hosts that whenever he arrived in the well near Haran, he prayed to Jehovah Jesus. He asked Jehovah, in place, to choose the woman that is young Isaac to marry. Just just exactly How? Eliezer asked Jesus to ensure the lady He desired Isaac to wed would arrived at the fine. When expected for a glass or two, she should volunteer not just to provide Eliezer a glass or two but to water their camels aswell. (Genesis 24:12-14) And that has show up and done properly that? Rebekah! Imagine exactly how she may have experienced if she overheard the tale Eliezer informed her family unit members!

Bethuel and Laban were relocated by Eliezer’s account. They stated: “This is from Jehovah.” As ended up being the customized, they concluded a wedding covenant, betrothing Rebekah to Isaac. (Genesis 24:50-54) Does which means that, however, that Rebekah had no say when you look at the matter?

Weeks earlier, Eliezer had raised that very issue with Abraham, asking: “What if the girl is reluctant in the future beside me?” Abraham had answered: “This will launch you against your oath.” (Genesis 24:39, 41) inside your home of Bethuel too, the young woman’s choices mattered. Eliezer had been therefore excited about the prosperity of their objective that regarding the morning that is following he asked if he could go back to Canaan with Rebekah immediately. The household, but, wanted her to keep using them for at the very least another ten days. Finally, they resolved the situation in this way: “Let us phone the woman that is young ask her.”?—Genesis 24:57.

Right Here, then, ended up being a crossroads that are great Rebekah’s life. Exactly exactly What would she state? Would she play regarding the sympathy of her brother and father, pleading for a launch using this journey to the unknown? Or would she notice it as a privilege to own component in activities that have been plainly being led by Jehovah? When she replied, she unveiled just how she felt about that unexpected, possibly daunting, improvement in her life. She just stated: “I am prepared to go.”?—Genesis 24:58.


Bethuel’s family members blessed their beloved Rebekah. Then she and her youth nursing assistant, Deborah, along side some servant girls, tripped with Eliezer and his males. (Genesis 24:59-61; 35:8) in a short time, Haran ended up being far to their rear. The journey ended up being an extended one, 500 kilometers (800 kilometer) approximately, also it lasted maybe three weeks. It absolutely was most likely maybe not a trip that is comfortable. Rebekah had seen camels aplenty in her own life, but we can’t assume that she ended up being a seasoned camel driver. The Bible portrays her household as shepherd people, never as traders whom drove caravans of camels. (Genesis 29:10) Novice camel riders usually complain of discomfort?—even after a tremendously quick trip!

At any rate, Rebekah seemed ever ahead, without doubt wanting to discover all she could from Eliezer about Isaac and their household. Image the old guy talking to her by an evening campfire, telling her of Jehovah’s vow to their buddy Abraham. Jesus would raise up from Abraham’s household line an offspring that would bring blessings to any or all mankind. Think about the awe that filled Rebekah’s heart when she knew that Jehovah’s vow will be satisfied through her husband-to-be that is own, through her since well!?—Genesis 22:15-18.

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